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Where To Cry in Public in Philadelphia

Brittany Valentine
Brittany Valentine
Posted on September 26
serene picture of water and bridge in Philly's Wissahickon Valley Park

Wissahickon Valley Park is great for hiking, biking, and yes, even crying. (Jumping Rocks/Getty Images)

Get in reader, we’re going on a tearful journey throughout the city. Sometimes the urge to sob comes on while you’re out and about, so if you need to find a nook to let the tears flow in private, this segment is for you. Here are a few spots where you can cry in relative peace and solitude.

Oh, and guess what? These suggestions came straight from y’all 💌

Your Spots for a Good Semi-Private Cry

photo of a person in a grassy field, sitting down and holding face in hands to cry

Crying releases hormones and chemicals that work to help you feel better. (Francisco Gonzalez/Unsplash)

“I’ve gone to the Philadelphia Art Museum, sat by the water and let the tears flow on a rainy day.” - Taria B.

“Sit at a bar facing your open laptop and intermittently sip your beverage. No questions asked.” - Carla B.

“I’d suggest crying in any of those private garden/brick walks in Society Hill. I’d argue anywhere in that historic section near where the Declaration was signed, along the rivers, in any of the city parks on a bench or picnic blanket are great spots.” - Beth R.

“Late night walks on the SRT [Schuylkill River Trail] are ok, but it is better with a mask because it’s never that private!” - Gabe P.

“Fairmount Water Works is the best: literal waterfalls lead to eyeball waterfalls. I’ve had a good cry there before.” - Heidi L.

Where Else Can You Go To Cry?

Many thanks to these Hey Philly readers, as well as Andres P., for submitting their go-to cry spots and some pro-tips ❤️

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