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City Cast Philly staff
City Cast Philly staff
Posted on August 15
margherita pizza with one slice missing from Wood Street Pizza

This margherita from Wood Street Pizza was amazing. (Brittany Valentine/City Cast Philly)

There’s not really a “classic” Philly-style pizza. In fact, our city does many different styles well. Food blogger Dave Wez recently joined City Cast Philly to dish on the best spots for whatever type of pie you’re looking for. Keep scrolling down for a map with picks from Dave and host Trenae Nuri!


This trendy style has a thick, crispy, and chewy crust, and comes in a rectangular pan.


Find some great local examples of this classic style!

Chain restaurants (that are actually good)

Hear us out. Chain pizza can be good when the ingredients are fresh and you get to see it made right in front of you.

Open late

When you’re hungry after a night out, or just seeking a midnight snack, here are some spots open until the early morning.


In the mood for some heavenly combinations?

  • 🍕 Enjoy some Indian-fusion pizza at Little Sicily II. You can get jalapeños, onions, cilantro, spicy chicken, and paneer cheese as toppings.
  • 🍕 Wilder has al pastor pizza, which comes with adobo braised pork, salsa verde, cilantro, lime, pineapples, and cotija cheese.


We had too many recommendations to categorize. Here are a few more!

map of Philly pizza spots.

Check out this map of the mentioned pizza restaurants. (Google maps)

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