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Our Best-Pizza-in-Philly Primer

Wil Fulton
Wil Fulton
Posted on November 14
Now that's a beautiful pie. (@pauliegeessoulcityslice)

Now that's a beautiful pie. (@pauliegeessoulcityslice)

While Philadelphia isn’t as synonymous with “great pizza” as other American metropolises like New York and Chicago, we’re no slouch when it comes to quality pizzerias. In fact, it might not be hyperbole to call Philly one of the most underrated pizza cities in the U.S., with a bevy of stellar options across several distinct styles — from the hometown favorite tomato pie to crispy (and trendy) Detroit-style. Here are just some of the doughy, cheesy stalwarts we can confidently rank among the city’s best.


Routinely hailed as one of the best (and most popular) pizza shops in town, you can expect hip digs, a wide array of equally hip natural wines, and a roster of pizzas varying from classic tomato pies, to a crispy, leafy green-topped pizza with Calabrian cream.

Bella Vista

This highly efficient, cash-only, takeout-only pizza shop in South Philly is both a local staple and a tourist-favorite outpost to try some standout pies (they even make a personal “upside down” style for the sharing-averse), alongside their famous hoagies and cheesesteaks.

Center City

It takes a lot for most Philadelphians to embrace anything that hails from New York City – however, this Brooklyn import brings some of the best pizza in the Empire City to Philly. Paulie Gee’s gets bonus points for being open late (2 a.m. on the weekends), making it the perfect post-bar pitstop.

Olde Richmond

Local pizza-influencer (yes, that is a thing) Dan Gutter, or “Pizza Gutt,” is the brains behind both locations of Pizza Plus as well as this notable Detroit-style shop. All three sling the square, thick, crispy-edged pies that originated in the Motor City and have recently become one of the most sought-after pizza styles in America.

Multiple Locations

For classic sauce-on-top, square pizzas, it’s hard to dispute Santucci’s as anything but the Philly O.G. With locations all around the city and region, Santucci’s is always a safe bet for a solid pizza.

🍕 For more great pizza picks (including a spot that makes one of the city’s best espresso martinis), a breakdown of Philly pizza culture, and a review of Wawa’s (actually good?) pizza, check out our episode with food blogger and overall gem Dave Wez by clicking here.

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