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In Conversation With Philly-based Travel Influencer Millette Stambaugh

Brittany Valentine
Brittany Valentine
Posted on August 9
Millette standing in front of a colorful mural in Taiwan.

Millette on a trip to Taiwan in 2019. (Photo courtesy of Millette Stambaugh)

Vacation season is still going strong. Philly local Millette Stambaugh, the 32-year-old travel blogger behind The Next Somewhere, shares her travel tips and experiences.

Out of all the cities you’ve visited, which one reminds you of Philly the most?

“Philly is gritty, unapologetic, and full of creative vibes like Saigon. It’s walkable and historic like Boston. It’s community-driven like Baltimore and Portland, and there’s just so much to do and eat like NYC.”

What advice would you give someone who is about to travel for their first time?

“Go in with zero expectations. I’m a believer that you should let a place tell you what it’s about instead of acting like the authority based on what you’ve seen and read online or in the media. New places are always going to be filled with novelty and learning curves whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer!”

What are your planning tips for making the most of your time in a new place?

“My travel style is to plan smart, but stay flexible. I map out an ambitious itinerary but leave a lot of room for flexibility and wandering. Trip researching can be intimidating, but a quick way to sort through the noise is to find boutique travel groups and gather inspiration from their trip itineraries or read blog posts instead of relying on TripAdvisor.”

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